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Cook County Lawyer for Misdemeanor Defense

Are you facing charges for a Cook County misdemeanor?

Although not punished as severely as a felony charge, misdemeanors in the Cook County area are still serious and still deserve to be treated with the same amount of legal assistance, care and support. If you are successful convicted, you could still be punished by just under a year in jail (364 days) and/or could be fined up to $2500.

Beyond the annoyance, inconvenience and stress associated with these short-term penalties, the existence of a misdemeanor on your criminal record could prove to be absolutely crippling in the long run. For example, attempting to secure a new job with this on your record could prove to be an extremely difficult, if not impossible, hurdle to overcome.

Experienced Legal Assistance in Cook County

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, our legal team is fully devoted to our clients, no matter if they are facing charges of assault, a drug crime such as possession, theft or a sex crime such as public indecency. No matter the exact details of the charges, you can trust that our legal team will do everything that we can to protect you against the worst of the damage.

When you are facing something of this nature, something that could cause irreversible damage to your future, it is vastly important that you do not hesitate to secure the representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer that you can trust. At our firm, we are experienced in both sides of the courtroom and will bring this unique perspective as we fight for your rights.

Want to learn more about the firm? Contact a Cook County misdemeanor attorney at the firm as quickly as possible to schedule your initial case consultation.

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