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Cook County Felony Lawyer

Overview of Illinois Felony Charges

Under Illinois law, a criminal conviction of a felony can be punishable by incarceration of anywhere between a year and a lifetime. For certain felonies, such as murder, defendants risk not only jail time, but also run the risk of being hit with the death penalty. Due to the severity of the crime, the expertise and dedication of your criminal defense lawyer becomes imperative at a time such as this. This is not a minor crime that will simply go away with time; it is a serious situation that requires an equally serious defense to ensure that your future is not placed entirely at risk.

Composed of former prosecutors and a team that intimately understands both sides of the courtroom, the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates has proven over the years that we truly have the experience necessary to provide our clients with aggressive defense. We are regulars at Cook County courtrooms and have put in the time and elbow grease necessary to truly set us apart from the pack. If you work with us, no matter if your felony relates to a drug crime or a violent crime, you can trust that we will have the experience and drive required to helping you address the nuances of your case.

Why should you hire a criminal attorney from our firm?

With over a decade of legal experience, our firm has extensive experience in serving as advocates to protect the freedoms of our clients. We understand how difficult this time can be and we are therefore unwaveringly devoted to assisting in every way possible; even if you are in a situation that you believe is hopeless, you can trust us to not be deterred. Even in the most daunting of cases, our legal team will simply dig in our heels and begin our long fight to achieve the best possible outcome that we can.

 For the experience you deserve backing you up in your criminal case, contact a Cook County felony defense attorney at our firm as quickly as you can.

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