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Cook County Lawyer for Assault Defense

Have you recently been criminally charged with assault?

Although no violence is technically involved, assault incorporates the threat of violence in a way that will cause the victim to believe that they inherently endangered. Certain aggravating factors, such as the use of a weapon, can cause the criminal charge to be raised to aggravated assault - in which case the penalties will similarly increased in severity. For this reason, Cook County residents who have recently been charged with something of this nature often waste no time in contacting a criminal defense lawyer from our firm at the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates.

Criminal Defense You Can Trust in Cook County

Over the years, we have carefully built up a reputation for trustworthy and honest legal assistance. We are fully dedicated to the success of our clients and we therefore do not hesitate to provide our clients with an unbridled and full-force defense designed to aggressively combat the charges they are facing. Unlike other firms, we do not spread ourselves too thin with more clients than we can serve; we do not operate as a legal mill, simply running clients through the steps with no personalized attention.

Instead, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made solutions that are best-suited to giving our clients the best possible chance of success. We know the consequences that can result from a successful conviction and we therefore hold the freedom of our clients as our top priority. If you choose to work with a lawyer from our firm, you can be confident knowing that we will never waver from this goal; regardless of your circumstances, we will go the distance in our efforts to defend you.

With over a decade of experience, we stand ready to help you. To learn more about how we can assist, contact a Cook County assault attorney from our firm as quickly as you can.

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